Some moments in life are special and close to heart. Bru makes these moments with loved ones even more magical… It is India’s largest coffee brand that offers a range of coffee products. Its rich aroma and unique blend makes every moment come alive.

Ever since its inception, Bru has been on a constant endeavour to bring better products and formats to the consumer with every passing year. With the launch of Cappuccino in 2007, Bru pioneered the launch of instant coffee premixes in India for the youth. Then in 2010, a premium filter coffee with a blend of 85% coffee and 15% chicory was introduced under the brand name BRU Select.

In 2011, BRU Lite, a light-tasting coffee with classic Mocha flavour, was launched for people who avoid coffee because of its bitter taste. In the same year BRU Exotica was launched which is premium freeze dried coffee sourced from some of the world’s best coffee-producing regions like Colombia, Brazil and Kilimanjaro. With BRU Exotica, Bru brought in ‘the world’s finest coffee experience’ for the discerning Indian consumer. Later, in the same year, BRU Gold - a 100% pure granulated coffee with an uplifting aroma and superior taste - was launched.

Bru’s specially selected and freshly roasted coffee beans offer a great cup of aromatic coffee to the consumers, which makes their moments of genuine warmth and happiness even more special.

Bru also has opened cafes in Mumbai under the name BRU World Cafe with world coffee experiences to be enjoyed out of home.

Key Facts 

  • Number 1 Coffee brand in India

  • Unilever's only Coffee brand

  • Enjoys a rich heritage, came into existence in 1962 under the brand name Deluxe Green Label

  • Consistently offering better and newer products to the consumer through improved packaging solutions and innovative product formats

  • Enjoys a strong presence at various out of home locations

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