For years, Closeup has been synonymous with fresh breath confidence that we require during our social interactions

Closeup, since its launch, has been synonymous with 'Freshness' that gives you the confidence in social situations.

The brand has always been unique and fun, encouraging people to open up by getting over their self doubt. It is aimed at every person who is young at heart.

Key facts

  • India’s 1st gel toothpaste
  • Market leader in gel toothpaste category for over 3 decades
  • Some of the best known celebrities have been part of Closeup ads over the years

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  • Going casual for club night? Make sure you’ve got that dazzling, envious smile.

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    about 16 hours ago

  • Diwali is the season to come together, celebrate, indulge and enjoy.
    Get your festive smile with Closeup!

    23 Oct

  • Do you have what it takes? Tell us.

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    22 Oct

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