Kissan is all about making kid’s ‘growing up’ experience a happy and joyful one.

Today, Kissan is more than just jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s all about kids eating happily & growing up happily.  Filled with nothing but natural goodness, Kissan has found a way to keep both, mothers & kids happy. The brand’s reassurance to mothers is; they won’t have to worry about their child’s growth with them eating any of the Kissan products. Because Kissan lets every child enjoy what they love to eat & helps them grow.

Being pioneers in food processing, Unilever launched the category of ketchups and jams under the brand name Kissan.  With the current launch of the Kissan 100% Real Campaign, kids can now enjoy the real taste of jams and ketchups. Made from 100% real fruits and tomatoes, Kissan jams and ketchups are now even softer, richer and yummier for kids to eat, without mothers constantly having to worry about what they are consuming. Because with Kissan everything is 100% real.

Kissan has always supported and continues to lend its support to mothers in making healthy, wholesome and delicious food options for kids. So that they can eat happily & grow happily. Because after all, Kissan believes that growing up is a fantastic adventurous journey & not a destination.

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  • Kissan Jam And Peanut Sandwich #Kissantiffinrecipes

    With a unique combination of exciting flavours, your kids can never have enough of this.


    1-2 tablespoons butter
    100 g peanuts
    Salt to taste
    Sugar to taste
    3 slices of bread
    20 g iceberg lettuce, shredded
    1 tablespoon Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam


    1. To make peanut butter masala, heat the butter in a frying pan; add the peanuts and sauté till golden brown.
    2. Add the salt and sugar and cook for a minute.
    3. Remove from heat and grind to make a coarse mixture.
    4. Spread the peanut butter masala on a slice of bread.
    5. Top with shredded lettuce and cover with another slice of bread.
    6. Spread Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam on top and cover it with the last slice.
    7. Cut the triple-layered sandwich into 2 triangles and serve with French fries.
    8. Crunchy Kissan Jam and Peanut Sandwich is a unique combination of flavours that will have you coming back for more.

    21 Apr

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