Lifebuoy, an undisputed market leader for 117 years, has a compelling vision “to make 5 billion people across the world, feel safe and secure by meeting their personal care hygiene & health needs”

Lifebuoy has journeyed from humble beginnings of being a chunky red bar of soap to an evolved range of general and specialized products across formats, offering solutions in the health and hygiene space.

Lifebouy has a strong social mission, promoted through its rural hygiene programme, Khushiyon Ki Doli, which propagates the practice of  hand washing with soap to reduce diarrheal deaths.

Lifebuoy is available in bar soaps, liquid handwash, hand sanitizer and talc.

Key facts

  • World’s No. 1 Selling Germ Protection Soap

  • Distribution across 50 lakh + stores across the country

  • Awarded the Bronze Global Effie for the ‘Superfast Handwash’ campaign

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    This holy month of Ramadan, while you feast on Iftaar delicacies, make sure you stay healthy too. Before you dig into shaami kebabs & jalebis, don't forget to wash your hands with soap to stay protected from germs that cause infections. Make your Ramadan a healthy & safe one with Lifebuoy. #IftaarSePehleLifebuoy

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  • Lifebuoy aims to bring safety, security and health to five billion people, through the active promotion of hand washing with soap.

  • By the end of 2011, our Lifebouy handwashing campaigns had reached 48 million people.

  • Don’t forget the soap when washing your hands. It helps prevent the spread of germs and reduces the risk of disease.

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