Clothes talk for us. Rin plays an integral part in enabling us to look good by providing demonstrably superior whites, giving us the confidence to realize our ambitions

Clean white clothes play a critical role in our lives by creating a good impression and being recognized by society. Sparkling white clothes not only help us form great impressions on the people we meet but also provide us confidence to realize our ambitions. Rin understands this need and strives to deliver best in class whiteness through continuous innovation and product improvements.

Rin was launched in India as a bar in 1969 with the iconic lightning mnemonic. Over the years, the brand has grown to become synonymous with “sparking white clothes” for its consumers.

Rin detergent powder was launched in 1994. This was the first product extension from the iconic brand that stood for whiteness in laundry.

In 2007, the brand was extended to include bleach in its portfolio. Bleach being another “whiteness” solution for numerous Indian households was a logical extension for the brand.

Rin also added Rin Matic, a specialist washing machine powder to its portfolio, based on the insight that ordinary powders do not deliver performance under machine wash conditions, thus leading to an unsatisfied consumer need.

In 2012, Rin Perfect Shine, a liquid blue was launched. It is yet another category extension from a brand that promises to deliver sparkling white clothes through its various products.

The 'Rin' brand today is trusted by millions of households across the country through its various product offerings, and continues to grow and gain the love and confidence of the Indian consumer.

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