Skin lotion: delivering moisture where it’s needed

The secret of taking care of your skin lies in getting moisture to all its layers – and keeping it there.

Dry versus healthy skin

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Skin is amazing. It is the largest, most complex organ of the body and performs many functions, from regulating temperature to protecting against the elements. Healthy skin naturally repairs itself but, if it dries out, it struggles to function properly. Without moisture, skin cells become stiff and inflexible. The skin’s barriers which hold moisture then become weaker, leading to further water loss and increased skin dryness.

Moisturisers help to replenish dry skin. The key ingredient – Glycerin – which binds water with the cells has been used for a long time and remains the gold standard. However, it struggles to work effectively across all layers of the skin. Put simply, it does not penetrate deep enough and provides too little moisture at the surface.


Unilever set about developing a moisturiser to change this. The result was Stratys-3, a combination of three special ingredients. One of which is Glycerol Quat, a new molecule which closely resembles Glycerol, but binds four times more water within the cells of the skin’s top layer.

Unlike skin proteins, which have a slightly negative charge, Quats have a positive charge and therefore like to attach themselves to skin, offering levels of moisturisation unprecedented in mainstream skincare.

While we continue to use Glycerol to moisturise the skin’s core, we combine this with Hydroxyethyl Urea to hydrate the deeper layers. All of which allows Stratys-3 to infuse and suspend moisture in a whole new way.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion

Stratys-3 forms the basis of Vaseline Sheer Infusion. Launched in US and Canada in September 2009, it was introduced into the UK in March 2010 and will be rolled out to further markets throughout the year. In the course of its development, Sheer Infusion went through 33 separate clinical and consumer trials involving over 1000 participants.

From a consumer perspective, the new technology fulfils a crucial need which is yet to be satisfactorily met by the mass market. They no longer have to choose between an effective but sticky, heavier lotion and one that absorbs quickly but leaves the skin feeling dry again.

Did you know?

The average square inch of skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels and over a thousand nerve endings, 78 heat receptors, 13 cold receptors, 1300 touch receptors, 65 hairs and 100+ oil glands. An average woman has about 1.5m2, man about 2.0m2. The skin renews itself every 3-4 weeks shedding billions of skin cells, which form 70-80% of the 'dust' in your home.

Dry skin is the result of more than just water loss. Other causes are related to age, nutritional deficiencies, sun exposure, pollution, heat/cold and heredity. One in five people suffer inherently from dry skin. However, everyday activities such as washing with soap affect the skin's ability to hold moisture.

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