Start a little good by empowering livelihoods


At HUL, our purpose is to make sustainability commonplace. After all, sustainability should no longer be spoken of as a special set of tasks or initiatives. It should be ingrained in what we do and how we do things each day.

We don’t want to only grow our business; we want to help our people grow too.

Project Shakti: Over 1,00,000 entrepreneurs and counting

Impact: Created over 1,00,000 micro-entrepreneurs across 18 states.

We know we cannot achieve our sustainability goals alone. So we work with diverse stakeholders.

A great example of such collaboration is our Project Shakti. A rural direct-to-consumer retail distribution initiative by HUL, Project Shakti works to empower rural women financially. Under this programme, we’ve trained thousands of women in villages across India to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become sales agents. We set in place a team of rural sales promoters who coach and help Shakti Ammas in managing their business. Today, the number of motivated Shakti Ammas in the country is growing stronger and how!

Read about Project Shakti here.

I am Walls: Happiness on the go

A much-loved brand, Wall’s is associated with the joy of sharing happiness and celebrating great times with loved ones. To continue this happy streak, we came up with “I am Wall’s” – a mobile vending initiative for Kwality Wall’s vendors.

How this works is that we equip people with skills like sales, customer service and problem-solving, so they can become self-sufficient vendors. Thanks to “I am Wall’s,” these vendors have become micro-entrepreneurs who are selling delicious Wall’s ice-creams on the move! The initiative has helped improve the incomes of small-scale retailers and helped Wall’s reach more consumers like you.

Impact: Entrepreneurship opportunities provided to 14,500 people across India.

Project Prabhat: Time for new beginnings

Impact: Directly benefitted over 2.9 million people across 30+ locations in India.

We care about the local communities and we know of their immense capabilities. But most of them lack the support and infrastructure required for progress. Project Prabhat was launched in December 2013 (prabhat means “dawn” in Hindi/Marathi). Through Project Prabhat, we engage with and contribute to the rural communities around HUL’s key sites. For example, one initiative strives to enhance employability skills of women and young people through vocational training. Another initiative “Project Mooo” is an innovative app-based dairy farming solution in Punjab, which improves cattle milk productivity and enhances dairy farmers’ livelihoods.

Sustainable farming: Growing to greatness

Impact: Reached 8,000+ smallholder farmers growing tomatoes on 11,000+ acres of land.

Since years, we’ve been associated with many smallholder farmers, training them on good agricultural practices like drip irrigation, nutrient management, pest and disease management to improve their livelihood.

The Responsible Farming Programme was an initiative by us to increase productivity, develop best practices and improve livelihoods. A total of 10,000 smallholder gherkin farmers in southern India have benefitted from this initiative. A public-private partnership was also launched in 2012 between HUL and Maharashtra Government for sustainable sourcing of tomatoes.

Rin career ready academy: Towards a brighter future

Impact: Benefitted 5,20,000+ people across India.

Sparkling clean clothes not only make a great first impression, but they also boost confidence to realise one’s ambitions. Rin has always understood this, and the brand found resonance in the aspirational middle class of India. In 2015, we launched the Rin Career Ready Academy (RCRA) that inspires, educates and equips youth from modest backgrounds with skills in English training delivered step-by-step through online or mobile phone.

Fair & Lovely: Empowering for employability

Impact: 6,00,000+ women enrolled

The Fair & Lovely (FAL) Foundation has been doing a lot of great work to reduce barriers to essential skills and training required by women and enable higher employability for them. FAL has:

  • Offered scholarships to academically exceptional girls from financially challenged backgrounds.
  • Launched online educational platforms for women (partnering with, Harvard University, MIT, NIIT and English Edge)
  • Introduced job test preparation platform for entrance exams.

With so much innovation all around, there’s no doubt that small-scale entrepreneurs, farmers, and women in India are excited and inspired to do better for themselves and their families.

And by continuing to use your favourite HUL products, you are driving us to do more for the betterment of the people and the planet.

* References to the Fair & Lovely Foundation in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020. The Foundation’s new name is ‘Glow & Lovely Careers’.