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Did you know that the supply of water in India could be half its demand by 2030? According to the NITI Aayog report (June 2018), this could cause severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people.

Realising how this above prediction could derail India’s growth and development, we have also undertaken initiatives to conserve water. Founded on the premise that what concerns the nation concerns us too, we established the Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) in 2010. HUF is a non-profit company which, backed by collaborative efforts, anchors our initiatives in community development and sustainability in the space of water management.

The Foundation supports programmes focussed on water conservation, community-based governance of water resources and efficient use of water in agriculture. Through HUF, we also support knowledge initiatives in this area.

At Hindustan Unilever Limited, we believe that effective water management must consider all facets of water use. This is why our efforts are geared toward water management through product innovations as well as efficiency in production processes and supply chains.

Take, for example, HUF’s Water for Public Good programme. Working in collaboration with non-profit organizations, Water for Public Good has delivered fantastic solutions for water security and well-being for rural communities. The projects supported in this programme are based on three basic principles: Governance for Water, Quantity of Water and Benefits to the Community.

A solution that’s helped transform the lives of farmers

In the more recent past, farmers of Maharashtra’s Sonushi village (Nashik) benefited immensely from an HUF initiative. These farmers stood to lose revenue as they were paddy-growing farmers whose lands would be vacant after harvest. Without a year-round irrigation system in place, they had no other choice.

HUF and MITTRA (Maharashtra Institute of Technology Transfer for Rural Areas) joined hands to offer a solution. The HUF–MITTRA team promoted a unique irrigation solution in the village and set up a diversion-based irrigation system – a simple, low-cost method with which farmers get access to water all through the year.

Imagine, those same farmers now generate much larger agriculture produce helping them earn more as well.


By the end of 2018, the cumulative and collective achievements delivered through partnered programmes of HUF include:

  • Water Conservation: More than 700 billion litres of potential has been created through improved supply and demand management of water.
  • Crop Yield: Additional agriculture and biomass production of over 0.8 million tonnes have been generated.
  • Livelihoods: More than 7.5 million person-days of employment created through water conservation and increased agriculture production.

The cumulative impacts of these projects initiated by HUF have been independently assured.

This impact is a result of collective action among various stakeholders and the active participation of local communities. This has helped to not only sustain these projects but also to scale them.

By 2020, HUF along with its partners and communities aim to generate cumulative and collective water potential of 500 billion litres across India. They also aim to produce cumulative employment of more than 1 million person-days and cumulative additional agricultural yield of around 1 lakh tons.

Read more about HUF’s impact.

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