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Citra is a specialist naturals brand of Unilever and enjoys market leadership in the key markets of Indonesia and Thailand by offering consumers its expertise in natural solutions.

For over 3 decades, Citra has journeyed across the world to bring you Nature’s most potent skin care secrets for healthy glowing skin.

The brand philosophy:

Citra’s brand philosophy is centred around the ‘quest for nature’s potent best’. As part of this philosophy, Citra has been bringing in nature’s best-kept secret ingredients such as Japanese Green tea, Sakura and Thai Lotus to consumers.

Citra’s India story begins with the launch of our Face Care range featuring two exotic ingredients, the Korean Akoya Pearl and the Japanese Green Tea.

Korean Akoya Pearl:

The Korean Akoya Pearl, carefully cultured over a two year period, has lightening minerals and nutrients that give healthy, fair skin naturally.

Japanese Green Tea:

The Japanese Green Tea’s most potent healing powers come from its antioxidants that reduce pimples in three days, naturally.

While the Korean Pearl range of Face Creams and Face Wash helps enhance the glow and brightens skin; the Japanese Green Tea range of Face Creams helps in keeping the skin spotless fair and its Face Wash helps keep it pimple-clear.

Be a part of the Citra story and experience Nature’s best-kept fairness secrets today.

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