Horlicks Protein+, a scientifically designed high protein nutritional beverage for adults, was launched in 2018. After the age of 30, adults tend to lose 3-8% of their muscle mass per decade. With a drop-in muscle mass and strength, a drop in functional capacity leads to fatigue. The product was conceived with a vision of complementing the dietary intake of protein to help improve the nutrition of the Indian adult population. Horlicks Protein + with a triple protein blend provides - Fast acting whey, intermediate acting soy protein and slow acting casein, known to support Muscle Maintenance and Growth.

Available in vanilla, chocolate and a vanilla variant with No Added Sugar*, Protein+ is designed to address the issue of optimum quality protein intake amongst the modern-day adults.

The brand has crossed 10% share in key cities and continues to see strong consumer traction.


*Sugar refers to Sucrose. Contains Naturally Occurring Sugars

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