Lipton offers a variety of green teas for every taste and mood

Green tea has acquired a prominent place in the list of beverages because of its well-researched health benefits. Thanks to its healthy components, billions of tea lovers across the world are now switching over to green tea.

Green tea is generally consumed without milk and sugar making it a zero calorie, healthy beverage.

Brewed Green tea is 99.5% water. The water in green tea contributes to the daily needs of hydration and combines the cleansing effect of water with the goodness of tea components.

Apart from the zero-calorie and hydrating benefits, green tea is also consumed for its fat metabolising properties that is attributed to Catechin, a flavonoid, of which green tea is the richest source.

Green tea because of its various health benefits, serves as an ideal mate for a healthy lifestyle. From Pure & Light to Mint Burst, Lipton offers a variety of Green teas.

For over a century, Lipton has made the aromatic and uplifting beverage of tea universally accessible with guaranteed quality at acceptable prices. With Green tea, Lipton is making a healthy lifestyle an easier choice to embrace.

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