Women’s Horlicks, launched in 2008, is a nutritional health drink for women. It has the necessary micronutrients as Per ICMR 2010 guidelines~. Its advanced #CALSEAL formula has 100% daily requirement of 3 proven bone nutrients which are Calcium, Vitamin D and K2. Vitamin D helps for Calcium absorption, and K2 helps for binding calcium to bones.

Research shows that 1 in 2 women over the age of 30 has a risk of low bone density*, and hence requires bone-building nutrients. Women’s Horlicks helps support our consumers with daily essential nutrients required alongside a balanced diet. It is scientifically designed to provide the required nutrient for bone health. Women’s Horlicks is low-fat and comes in a no added sugar# composition, which makes it a favourite amongst health-conscious women.

Women’s Horlicks is available in Caramel and Chocolate variants in a no added sugar formulation.


#Sucrose contains naturally occurring sugars
~in two serves as per ICMR 2010 guidelines for women 19-50

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