Pureit is the world’s most advanced range of in-home water purifiers. Pureit is breakthrough innovation designed by Hindustan Unilever and it provides complete protection from all water-borne diseases, unmatched convenience and affordability.

In the developing world, most of all diseases are water-related - a major cause for this is the poor quality of drinking water. The magnitude of the problem can be seen from the fact that diarrheal disease alone leads to 2.5 billion episodes and 1.5 million child mortalities every year.

Boiling water, as a means of purification, is expensive, energy-intensive, and cumbersome. Available storage and candle-based filters do not ensure safety from harmful germs. Given this context, Unilever embarked on a mission to provide safe and affordable drinking water through in-home water purification.

Unilever scientists have worked for many years to come up with a range of technological breakthroughs that have led to the creation of ‘Pureit’ a unique offering by Unilever. Pureit breaks through the barriers of convenience & affordability by providing water that is as safe as boiled water and ensuring complete protection from water-borne diseases.

The Pureit innovation addresses one of the biggest technological challenges of the century – that of making safe water accessible & affordable for millions.

Pureit water purification:

Pureit provides 4 litres of 'As safe as boiled'™ water at a running cost of Rs 1 without the hassles of boiling, without the need of electricity or a continuous tap water supply.

Pureit is the world’s most advanced in-home water purification system. The output water from Pureit meets stringent criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water, from one of the toughest regulatory agencies the USA, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). From a single SKU brand in 2008, Pureit now has eight variants in its portfolio namely: Pureit Classic 23 litres, Pureit Classic 14 litres, Pureit Intella 12 litres, Pureit Classic Auto-fill 23 litres, Pureit Marvella OGT, Pureit Marvella RO, Pureit Advanced and Pureit Marvella UV.

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