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Enjoy the taste of the world’s No.1 tea

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A print ad of Lipton Green tea with text written as - Reduce Belly Fat with Green Tea

Lipton offers a range of teas, from packets to tea bags, including Green tea, SipnDigest, and Darjeeling tea.

Lipton Green Tea: feel light feel active

Lipton Green Tea is an all-natural zero-calorie tea when consumed without milk or sugar. Unlike regular black tea, it is power-packed with 4.5x catechins, which are natural plant nutrients known to improve your body’s metabolism and help reduce belly fat. Hence drinking green tea as part of a balanced diet & active lifestyle is a great way to stay fit & healthy!

It is available in different variants - Clear and Light, Honey Lemon, Lemon Zest and Tulsi Natura.

Lipton Darjeeling tea- ‘Champagne of Teas’

Lipton Darjeeling Tea ensures you a great tasting cup of 100% pure and authentic Darjeeling black tea with its carefully preserved aroma of delicate floral and fruit undertones. The long black leaves of this tea unfurl gracefully in hot water to create a brew infused with a distinctive flavour and aroma and a deep amber hue that is considered by tea connoisseurs to be the epitome of great taste even without sugar.


Source Euromonitor International Limited; based on Hot Tea and RTD Retail Value Shared combined, RSP, 2021 data.

Based on studies, consuming 7-8 cups of Green tea (600mg catechins)/ day for 8-12 weeks as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle helps reduce weight and waist circumference.

A cup of Lipton Green tea ≈20-30 mg caffeine. Pregnant and nursing mothers to follow doctor’s advice.


Lipton believes small changes can make a big difference.

We are continuing to make small changes like using sustainability sourced tea and paper for cartons to make a big difference to the planet. Join us in spreading the Lipton effect and help us create a bigger impact.

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