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Since 1869, Brooke Bond has brought you the perfect tasting tea experience with the best chosen leaves from Assam. When made with a touch of your love, it gives your family that irresistible great taste which brings them together. Brooke Bond Red Label – Celebrating the Taste of Togetherness’

Enjoy the great tasting range from Red Label:

Red Label

Brews togetherness by bringing people together over a tasty cup of tea made with your love and warmth.

Red Label Natural Care

Has a mix of 5 Ayurvedic ingredients like Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Ginger and Cardamom that are proven to improve immunity and help you fall ill less often.

Red Label Dust

Has strength, taste and comes with the Red Label promise of great quality.

Red Label Special

Has 15% extra long leaves to give you great taste, colour and superior aroma.

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