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Brooke Bond Taj Mahal - India's best tea since 1966.

For over 4 decades, Taj Mahal has been the gold standard of tea in India. It has been a pioneer of innovations in the Indian tea market – the first premium tea, first to introduce tea bags, first and only tea brand in vacuum packs or the first to usher in new formats and concepts, like instant tea (in the form of Dessert Tea)

Taj Mahal is special because it is made from the rarest and the best tea leaves. Brooke Bond experts go through a lot of rigour to ensure that only the best, freshest and juiciest tea leaves from a thousand go into every Taj Mahal pack. Call us choosy but we want every cup of Taj Mahal to give you the perfect sensorial experience that’s one in a thousand.

Brand ambassadors

Taj is not just about tea. It is an experience; a product of exquisite craftsmanship. So it is only fitting that the brand is personified by iconic brand ambassadors who symbolize perfection, expertise and unmatched finesse.

Our first brand ambassador, Ustaad Zakir Hussain, stood for excellence in the field of music. His accomplishments are truly spectacular. Our historic campaigns 'Wah Taj' and ‘hazaroon mein ek’ spoke about Ustad's rigor and passion for the quest of perfection, which he only found in a cup of Taj Mahal.

Then Saif Ali Khan came on board. His sophistication and refinement complimented the modern world of Taj Mahal. The nawab, instead of following his father onto the cricket field, chose a different path to success and became the nation’s heartthrob. His different approach to life perfectly matched Taj's philosophy of alag andaaz - Of not just drinking tea, but Smelling, Seeing and Savouring each sip.

The latest to join Taj's elite league is none other than Madhuri Dixit-Nene. While she is looked upon as Madhuri the mega star, she is equally praised for perfectly playing the role of a loving mother. This unique ability of attaining a perfect balance is the inspiration behind Taj's latest campaign ‘Jugalbandi’, the perfect balance of strength and flavour.

Taj Mahal tea vision

Our vision is to convert tea lovers into tea connoisseurs. To this end, Taj Mahal conducts tea appreciation workshops known as “Taj Tea Trails”. Each session takes you on a fascinating tea journey – brewing to appreciating the finer aspects of tea.

Key facts

Taj Mahal was launched in 1966 by Brooke Bond.

Ustad Zakir Hussain, the tabla maestro was the brands ambassador for over a decade, exemplifying both discernment as well as the pursuit of excellence.This association is the longest association between a brand ambassador and a brand in the world.

Taj Mahal is the most premium brand of tea in the Indian market.

It was the first brand to launch tea bags and is the only tea brand in India to be sold in Vacuum sealed packs.

Saif Ali Khan has been the brand ambassador since 2006.

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