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Knorr believes that good food matters- it adds untold pleasure to our lives- and everyday meals can be just as magical as special occasions. Our chefs go to great lengths to create restaurant like food at home. We have presence in spices, soup, snacking and noodles categories in India.

It is not wrong to say that the category of soups was launched by Knorr in India. The Knorr range of soups is available in a number of tasty & exciting varieties. There is a flavour to literally suit every taste palate; the Classic range of soups with flavours like Thick Tomato, Mixed Vegetable & Chicken Delite, the International range with flavours like Thai and Mexican & the Instant Soups range with flavours like Tomato, Mixed Vegetable, Hot & Sour and Chicken.

In noodles, we have a unique offering - Soupy noodles which has been around since six years and is the favorite of millions of kids. We have just launched Chinese noodles in two flavors- Shezwan and Hot and Spicy, to cater to the evolving palate and leveraging our strength in flavors.

Knorr is all about chefmanship. Knorr experts go to extraordinary lengths in pursuit of great flavor. We all wish to add that extra ‘oomph’ to our home cooked food so that it tastes like 'restaurant food'. With an incredible blend of spices and distinctive flavours, we have recently expanded our portfolio and entered the Spices category, with eight variants. Our products have tested superior to competition in blind tests, and have a unique ziplock packaging that keeps the freshness and aroma of the spices intact for long durations.

With presence in both centre of plate and snacking categories, Knorr is now becoming a household name in food categories.

At Knorr, we believe that delicious and nutritious food should be within everyone’s reach and bringing the brand belief alive, Knorr helps millions of people enjoy convenient meals. At Knorr, we use only top quality ingredients in addition to well researched preservation techniques to create a range of delicious and easy to prepare meals. We use dehydration, one of the oldest methods of food preservation which helps concentrate flavour and removes the need to add artificial preservatives.

While we maintain the taste and quality expected by consumers, we simulatenously strive to make our products healthier as we also focus on gradually reducing the sodium content of the Knorr pofolio. We don’t just make food, we live it !

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