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Lipton has a range of teas that truly encompass the goodness of tea.

Lipton's essential ingredient comes from nature, the leaves of a plant – Tea. For over a century Lipton has been bringing the benefits of this unique plant to people across the world. We want tea to be continuously grown and harvested for the enjoyment of generations to come. Lipton is the leading global tea brand and has been delivering quality for over 100 years. This means that, at Lipton, the quality standard is kept uncompromisingly high.

We believe, in life, it is important to be able to choose and then to choose the best.

Thus, Lipton brings tea lovers the freedom to choose from a range of variants.

Lipton Yellow label - a traditional cup of strong tea.

Lipton Darjeeling Tea – The rare flavour of Darjeeling long leaf tea. Picked from the high hills of northern India, this superb single region tea from Lipton offers a truly individual taste.

Lipton Green Tea -Brewed, unsweetened Green Tea being zero calories, serves as a refreshing option for individuals looking for a healthier beverage option.

Lipton Ice Tea - A refreshing beverage with the natural goodness of tea available in two delicious flavours – Lemon & Green Tea Lemon & Mint

Drink Better Everyday. Live Better Everyday.

Commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Hot or cold, powdered or bagged, black or green, tea is the second most widely-consumed beverage on earth, behind water. And Lipton® tea is steeped in history and little-known facts that only add to the presence and appeal of the brand today.

Tea is also a great way to stay hydrated, and the fluid in tea contributes to hydration. And Lipton® tea tastes great, so there are lots of reasons to drink up!

  • Tea when drunk on its own, without milk and sugar, not only tastes great but contains virtually no calories. This means that tea is an excellent accompaniment to a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.
  • Tea is a rich source of flavonoids in the diet. It has been shown that in tea drinking populations, tea provides a significant contribution to daily flavonoid intake. A positive association has been linked between regular tea consumption (2-3 cups of tea, without milk and sugar) and protection against cardiovascular disease.
  • Tea contains L-theanine and low levels of caffeine which together may have positive effects in helping individuals keeping alert.

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