A leading Skin Care brand which takes pride in providing safe, effective and technically advanced face care solutions.

Fair & Lovely had its genesis in scientific discovery, and science is where the heart of our business always is. Through unceasing rigorous research and development, we seek to deliver fairness treatments* with superior efficacy, to reach more and more women around the world.

Fair & Lovely’s unique formula is put together through extensive research, consumer & clinical studies and the product efficacy is tested and proven by dermatologists. All effective ingredients in the Fair & Lovely formulation function synergistically to lighten skin colour through a process that is natural, reversible and completely safe.

Fair & Lovely creams are inspired by leading skin care treatments offered by experts. Based on the sound scientific understanding of the solutions provided by expert treatments these products target key fairness problems like expert treatments do with the targeted action on skin darkening, marks, sun-tan, darkness, dark circles and dullness. Keeping in mind the ever-changing consumer, we offer a range of variants from the leading Advanced Multi-Vitamin Fairness Cream to Ayurvedic Care cream, BB cream, Sun protect, Winter care & Anti Marks Cream.

Fair & Lovely is constantly looking at bringing in innovations that suit consumer’s needs and aspirations.

Did you Know?

  • Fair & Lovely is also the first cream to have used Vitamin B3 in its formulation, which was proven to lighten the skin.

*refers to treatments in the cosmetic domain. Results not equal to clinical/ invasive treatments.

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