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Find Your Happy Place

Bath & Body rituals

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Mood-transforming bath & body rituals that take you to your happy place

In this post-pandemic era, the need for self-care has never been higher. In fact, our studies indicate that while women recognize the need for relaxation, there is an inherent sense of guilt that comes when it comes to putting their well-being first. This unspoken fact was the most pertinent trigger behind our decision to present Find Your Happy Place in India.

Find Your Happy Place’s simple manifesto is to act as the modern Indian woman’s resource for a daily pause. In doing so, our commitment is to continually offer beautiful products that elevate wellbeing and turn mundane bath & body time into a mindful self-care break.

Find Your Happy Place offers a range of mood-transforming bath & body rituals. Our purpose is to nudge stressed multi-taskers towards taking some much-needed 'me-time.'

Our sensorial products with mood-transforming fragrance technology and clean formulations are inspired by familiar happy places.

From soothing shower gels, deliciously creamy body lotions & body butter, gentle body scrubs & oils, uplifting hand creams and bath & foot soaks, lightly refreshing body mists, and hand-poured soy wax candles - every product in the extensive launch range is a sensory experience in a bottle. Backed by astute skin science, and incorporating naturally rich ingredients, Find Your Happy Place is 100% sulfate and paraben free.

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