Are you tired of seeing dandruff return? Bid farewell to dandruff with regular use of the new Pure Derm Anti Dandruff Shampoo - A clinically proven solution for recurring dandruff. Infused with Oxy-fused Micro Bubble Technology, Pure Derm purifies* the scalp and removes dirt, grease and impurities from the pores, leaving hair soft, smooth and free-flowing. The refreshing fragrance keeps hair smelling fresh and clean.

At Hindustan Unilever Limited, we care for the hair needs of a billion, unique, wonderful populace. So when even in the 21st century, more than half of the dandruff sufferers still have dandruff concerns**, we wanted to make a difference in their lives.

Hence, we introduced Pure Derm - a new Anti-Dandruff range of shampoos, clinically proven to not only remove dandruff but prevent its recurrence with regular use. It is formulated with our patented dual active system and Oxy Fused Micro Bubble Technology, which purifies the scalp from deep within and prevents dandruff from coming back.* The formulation is endorsed by dermatologists# across India for its anti-dandruff efficacy right from the launch month.

The mix has a strong claim that addresses the problem of recurring dandruff.

The launch campaign

The brand launch campaign ‘100% tak Dandruff Jayega, Aur Waapas Nahin Aayega, Purify Your Scalp Everyday’* questions the habit of sticking to tried and tested remedies for dandruff removal and offers a solution in the form of New Pure Derm Anti-Dandruff shampoo to solve recurring dandruff with regular use.

Pure Derm Anti-dandruff Shampoo has three variants - Dandruff Protect, Mint Cool and Anti-Hairfall. The products have been available nationwide since February 2018.

*Purification from dirt, grease and dandruff, action at epidermal level, no visible flakes with regular use.

**Based on multi-city survey conducted by an independent agency on dandruff sufferers during Sep-Oct 2017.

#Anti-dandruff shampoo recommendation study conducted by an independent agency in December 2017.

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