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Information technology

Driving competitive advantage

“My It Repertoire Now Includes Finance, Sales, Rural Initiatives And Marketing.”

Shruti Kashyap (It Manager)

Information Technology (IT) is a truly integrated function that puts innovation at the heart of what we do to drive competitive advantage.

A role in IT provides diverse range of roles and projects. You could be exploring emerging markets and new ways to work globally, partnering a major retailer to develop web-enabled tools for promotions planning, or helping to support our brands’ digital presence.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to support Unilever’s sustainability and Agile Working agendas, by facilitating virtual ways of working and finding ways to meet local needs by leveraging our global scale.

We have roles that provide best-in-class functional and thought leadership in IT function:

Strategy & innovation

Develops strategy to support business goals. Defines and manages the process of deploying and integrating IT capabilities.

Business partnering

Provides advice, assistance and leadership across all areas of IT. To ensure we gain maximum benefit from the products and services available. Project, Programme and Portfolio Management and implementation of business change initiatives.


Our services team is responsible for partnering with service providers to continuously improve service delivery.

IT in action

  • Unilever, in partnership with Facebook and charity PSI, has developed an digital application, called Waterworks™, which allows people to connect with individuals and communities in need online.
  • Using the technology, people to sign up to Waterworks™ and connect the application to their Facebook Timeline. They will then be partnered with a PSI-trained Waterworker and choose a small daily donation – as little as €0.10.
  • Each Waterworker uses a mobile phone, preloaded with a custom Waterworks™ J2ME application, to send back updates to her donors on Facebook, demonstrating how their funds are making an impact in her community.
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