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Supply chain

Performance culture

“It Is A Matter Of Pride To Be Part Of Team Which Is Not Just Seen As A Leading Supply Chain Companies In The World But Also Team That Continously Strives To Be Better And Ultimately Become The Best."

Kavita Jain (Head - Demand Planning)

From sourcing raw materials to delivering the end product, our technologically advanced supply chain underpins our growth, providing service excellence at competitive costs. 

Supply Chain plays a vital role in getting our goods to customers and consumers, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing and delivering the end product and deliver Unilever’s sustainability mission too.

Unilever Sustainable Living Plan

From sustainable sourcing to sustainable manufacturing and logistics, Supply Chain makes a huge contribution to our USLP. We’ve reduced our environmental impact by at least a third, while growing from a €40 billion to an almost €50 billion company. For example, half our sites are now zero waste to landfill.

By working with suppliers through our Partner to Win programme we expect to reach 100% sustainable sourcing for agricultural raw materials. For example, all our palm oil is sustainably sourced and, in Kenya, we train 350,000 smallholder tea growers in sustainable practices with the Kenya Tea Development Association.

Your options are:

Customer service

Our Demand and Supply Planners are unique individuals who use great analytical and interpersonal skills to help bring innovations to market. Working with all business functions, they are key to our sales and operations planning process.

Supply management

Optimise the cost and quality through intelligent sourcing of raw materials, packaging and non-production items that make our business more effective.


Our manufacturing record is one of the most envied in the world, with many of our facilities considered best in class. You’ll help factories improve efficiencies and adapt to the changing needs of customers and consumers.

Unilever's impressive supply chain

  • We are ranked in the Top 10 supply chains in world by Gartner (number one in Europe)

  • We are one of the largest contract logistics companies in the world, second only to DHL

  • We are on track to reduce our carbon footprint by 40% by 2020

  • We have 150,000 customers globally who we serve with a range of almost 60,000 products

  • We source more than 200,000 different materials from 160,000 suppliers who work with up to a million smallholder farmers

  • We run more than 250 factories which produce 130,000 tea bags every minute, 1 billion deodorants annually and 2 billion Magnums every year

  • We collaborate with the Lotus F1 grand prix team to build a performance culture in our Supply Chain

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