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Human Resources

Industry-leading programme

Here’s your chance to support and develop Unilever's most vital asset: our people.

An HR placement on the Unilever Future Leaders Programme will see you join a team where you’ll not only be a part of Unilever’s culture, you’ll also be helping to create it to drive business performance.

Unilever develops leaders

Our global learning programmes are regarded as the best in the industry. We have internal academies for each business area designed to develop employees in functionally specific capabilities.

Did you know?

Some graduates in Human Resources could be leading teams in their first role as a manager.

Three ways you'll learn with us

  • Through formal learning: with in-house training

  • Through experience: with hands-on project work

  • Through people: work with experts in their fields and benefit from a buddy system

Human Resources experience on the Unilever Future Leaders Programme

Factory HR

To gain an understanding of the factory operations in the overall business perspective

Understand the overall business/manufacturing and sourcing strategy and the role of the unit.

To gain an appreciation of the overall manufacturing process, supply chain and factory operations.

Business partnering for Unit & Branch

Identify business needs for developing, managing and implementing growth strategies. Review structure, culture, people and capabilities.

Understand the tools and systems to align HR Strategy to the branch agenda/targets

Understanding of the sales/branch culture and tools to create an engaged work environment

Basic appreciation of branch HR administration (payrolls, welfare, benefits)

Basic appreciation of HR Budgeting

Category Human Resource Management

Engage with the other units in a cluster and gain understanding of the cluster, its dynamics, its history, the currrent IR scenario.

Service Delivery

Learn to manage services such as payroll, recruitment, pensions and benefits. Track, monitor and manage service performance.

Understanding scope, mission and target operating model of Enterprise Support and where HR Services fits in People, Process & Technology aspects of HR Service Delivery.

Leadership Development - Learning & Talent/ Employer Brand

Manpower Requirement /forecast in context of business changes, expansion and attrition

Campus Recruitment strategies

Campus talent strategies

International Stint

UFLP India sends each of its Management Trainees overseas for their projects, aimed at helping you understand other markets, cultures and best practices.

Customer development

Unilever’s strong customer focus requires HR employees to benefit from operational exposure to Customer Development. Understanding the entire process of target Setting and Planning.


Understanding Unilever Reward philosophy, principles and strategy

Understanding context of India Salary structure and current pay ele¬ments

Guidelines related to pay scales, promotion increase norms, fitment guidelines that will equip the trainee with skills enabling talent decisions as an HR partner.

International Stint

UFLP India sends each of its Management Trainees overseas for their projects, aimed at helping you understand other markets, cultures and best practices.

Rural Stint

Understand the realities of Rural India, the role a socially responsible business can play in developing the country, the rural market, consumer profile, psyche and lifestyle. Understand the rural consumer’s purchase patterns and needs of the rural people. It will test you on each Standard of Leadership, and allow you to test yourself in a non-corporate set-up.

Understand the three pronged approach to CSR for HUL - Grow Markets in a responsible manner; Ensure sustain¬able practices @HUL; be a thought leader for a sustain¬able tomorrow

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