Notice of the Board Meeting

Public Announcement with respect to the buy-back its fully paid-up equity shares.

The Buy-back offer will commence on 23rd August, 2010 and will remain open until:
  • 25th July, 2011 (i.e. 12 months from the date of the Special Resolution passed by the shareholders of the Company via Postal Ballot); or
  • the Company completes the Buy-back to the extent of authorised amount of Rs. 630 crores; or
  • at such other earlier date as may be determined by the Board or Committee thereof, after giving notice for such earlier closure. The Company will, however, complete the Buy-back of minimum of 56,25,000 Equity Shares,

within the Maximum Buy Back Price of Rs. 280 per share, before announcing such earlier closure.

Whichever is earlier.