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Brylcreem’s advertisement drives awareness about women’s safety


The objectification of women in advertising by male grooming brands has been existing for many years. The key players in the men’s grooming category believe that men see hairstyling as an easy accessory to impress the opposite sex. Hence the brand communication of these players focuses on providing quick fixes for different hairstyles which enable the youth to attract the opposite sex.

Brylcreem’s new social mission advertisement launched across social media platforms resonates with the brand’s purpose - Brylcreem is for men of character, men who have a larger purpose in life. The purpose of this social mission advertisement is to promote the National Women’s helpline no. 1091. This will build awareness and ensure that people are not just mute spectators of a crime being committed against women, they can act up by calling the helpline number if they see any woman in trouble.

At the launch of the new advertisement, Srirup Mitra, General Manager, Hair Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited gave out a message to all men to stop looking at women as objects of desire, spoke about gender equality, and the importance of challenging the deeply rooted gender bias in our society.

In order to get men to act against crime towards women, Brylcreem in its small little way is printing the National Women’s Helpline number on every tub to drive awareness and to reach out to as many men as possible because it’s not just the style that defines a man, it’s his character.

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