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Hamam extends its safety promise with ‘GoSafeOutside’ initiative


Extending safety for skin to general well-being outside

Tamil Nadu’s favourite soap brand, Hamam, announced and initiative called ‘GoSafeOutside’ aimed at extending the promise of safety from skin to everyday life.

Redefining the role of the brand as an active participant in stimulating social conversations and a possible model for targeted solutions, the new campaign marks a shift in the way the brand corresponds with its consumers.

Hamam is deploying a host of interventions across media to bring alive the campaign message of GoSafeOutside. A television spot, shows the marked transition in the confidence of a young girl when she is taught a basic self-defence technique ‘Silambam’ by her empowering mother. Silambam, is an ancient Indian martial art originating from Tamil Nadu.

A series of self-defence tutorials are deployed on accessible digital channels under the brand handle Hamam India. This is an attempt to bring alive the unwelcome touch women face in various outdoor locations on a day to day basis and provide a step wise manual for a befitting reply.

The outdoor campaign aims to work with local law enforcement teams to create safety zones in unsafe hotspots by hosting billboards with CCTVs, this will be a deterrent to potential miscreants. The Hamam packs will also contain quick to learn Silambam steps on the side panel, extending the reach of the message to over 1.8 Crore households.

The journey to make people #GoSafeOutside is an arduous one, but Hamam has just kicked it off in style.

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