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Kissan presents #RealTogetherness with grandparents


Nurturing relationships that are special

In the rush and rigour of life, we often forget to spend quality time with our grandparents. Kissan’s new brand campaign is a reminder that grandparents, need nothing more than a little time and attention.

As part of the ‘Real Togetherness’ campaign, the brand has released a film that throws light on the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson and the positive impact they have on each other. Through a simple activity of planting a tomato seed, facilitated by Kissan, the grandfather and child find common ground as they slowly nurture the plant as well as their bond.

To support this initiative further, Kissan partnered with schools on Children’s Day, wherein several students visited Jeevan Asha old-age home to spend quality time with elderly people. This initiative enriched young minds and was a fun learning experience that brought alive the benefits of human connect.

Speaking about this campaign, Ms. Geetu Verma, Vice President, Foods, Unilever, South Asia said, “Kissan has always been a brand with a purpose. It recognises that more than anything else, the gift of time is the most valuable and that’s what we find the most difficult to give in today’s age. If we can make a real difference to even a few families in discovering the joy of #realtogetherness we would consider it a great achievement.”

As a brand that has always strengthened social connections, Kissan’s new campaign once again focuses on addressing various elements of human connect and highlights the need for people to come closer to nature, family and society at large.

So, if you don’t remember the last time you made some time for your grandparents, may this film be an inspiration.


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