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A promise of safe drinking water


A promise of safe drinking water

Despite the progress India has made in the last decade, we’re still a long way away from hygienic living. At least one person dies every four hours due to contaminated water, according to government reports. Inadequate access to safe water is one of the main reasons for water-borne diseases. WHO states that the provision of safe water alone will reduce diarrhoeal diseases by up to 45% if water quality is ensured up to the point-of-consumption.1

Many households still rely on antiquated water purification techniques, which do not give clean drinking water. Hence, there was a need to switch to a technology that delivers safety. Pureit water purifier is the simple answer to ensuring clean drinking water in every home.

Purity with affordability

Generally, the costs associated with water purifiers are very high. This is where HUL stepped in with a revolutionary initiative in water purification. Pureit offers the most affordable range of RO, UV and non-electric water purifiers giving people can access to safe drinking water at a running cost of just 30 paise per litre. Moreover, Pureit, unlike other purifiers, requires no electricity.

By effectively partnering with microfinance institutions (MFIs), Pureit is also providing safe drinking water to people who are generally at a disadvantage: the poorest of the poor.

P. Kavita, a Pureit beneficiary from Thiruvayalur village of Tamil Nadu, says, “Even when we came to know about RO devices, we realised we could not afford them. Thanks to Pureit and the Integrated Village Development Programme, we could buy a Pureit on an instalment basis, making it much more affordable for us.”

Safe water for all

Pureit meets the high safety standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Pureit has managed to provide over 83 billion litres of safe drinking water in Indian households without the hassles of boiling, electricity or continuous tap water supply.


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