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HUL pledges to 'Eat Right'


Hindustan Unilever Limited’s (HUL) commitment to provide the best possible products to its customers is a continuous effort. This commitment extends across product portfolios, including our food and beverages range. Keeping this in mind, HUL has pledged its support to the Eat Right campaign launched on July 10.

Led by the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the Eat Right campaign aims to increase awareness about the right food and dietary choices to improve health and wellbeing among consumers. The campaign specifically promotes reduction in consumption of fat, sugar and salt. The campaign is also a collaboration between stakeholders in the food and beverage industry in the country, since such companies play a vital role in enabling healthier lives.

At the launch last month, fifteen food and beverage companies including HUL signed a common pledge to reformulate existing food products with lower levels of fat, sugar and salt. As an organization, we are determined to focus on product improvement and innovation to make healthier products available to consumers.

FSSAI has also launched a TV campaign titled ‘Aaj se Thoda Kum’ featuring leading actor Rajkummar Rao to urge consumers to curb their sugar, salt and oil intake. You can watch the commercial here.

Our collaboration with the Eat Right campaign aligns well with the ‘Improving Nutrition’ pillar of Unilever Sustainable Living Programme (USLP). We are constantly working toward making our food healthier, more accessible and affordable, while improving the taste and nutritional quality of our products. For instance, as part USLP commitments we have already reduced sodium, sugar across various food & beverage products and our products do not contain trans fats originating from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

By 2020, we aim to double the proportion of our portfolio that meets the highest nutritional standards, based on globally recognized dietary guidelines. This will help hundreds of millions of people to achieve a healthier diet. For additional details, click here.

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