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Project ‘Mooo’


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An agri-tech initiative to revolutionise the dairy industry

In the Mohi Khurd Village in Rajpura, Punjab, India, project ‘Prabhat,’ a community development initiative of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has recently launched ‘Project Mooo’ in partnership with UDAY.

‘Mooo’ an app-based dairy farming solution aims to improve milk productivity in cattle. The ‘Mooo App’ harnesses the power of big data to create an immediate impact on the productivity and income of dairy farmers while addressing the dairy industry challenges such as herd productivity, lack of awareness and access to information and milk tractability in the supply chain.

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Enhancing Livelihoods:

To improve income, local farmers and youth in the villages near HUL’s Rajpura factory are being trained on dairy farming practices and are provided with market linkages.

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Through the partnership with UDAY, Prabhat aims to reach out to hundreds’ of farmers across Rajpura district, Punjab in the next six months.

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About Project Prabhat:

‘Prabhat’ (Dawn) is a Unilever Sustainable Living Plan linked programme of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

Through Project Prabhat the company engages with and contributes to the development of local communities around key HUL sites, including manufacturing sites. Since its launch in December 2013 project Prabhat is now live across over 18 locations in India and has directly reached out to over 1.7 million people.

The key areas of Prabhat programme are – enhancing livelihoods, conserving water, and improving health and wellbeing. The Livelihood Programme in particular, aims to empower women and youth by providing them with employable skills, thereby enhancing their livelihoods.

About UDAY:

UDAY is a skill development organisation partnered with the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC). UDAY has impacted 30000+ lives through its 3 business verticals: Youth, Women & Farmers. "Project Mooo" is its first step towards empowering farmers across the country by building sustainable rural livelihoods.

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