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HUL contributes to Swachhata Hi Seva at Kolkata


Swachhata group picture

‘O-Soji’ or ‘a big clean-up’, is a tradition followed in Japanese Schools wherein the students participate in cleaning activities after school. This practice teaches them to respect and take responsibility for their environment, neighbourhood and grow into responsible adults. This was evident when Japanese fans made it a habit to stay back and clean the stadiums after FIFA World Cup matches, even after Japan exited the World Cup!

Taking inspiration from this Japanese tradition of O-Soji, HUL Kolkata Regional Office organized a clean-up drive around Mudiali Club Pandal on 9th October, right after Durga Puja.

The Mudiali Club Pandal is a prestigious and eighty-five-year-old pandal in Kolkata. This year, iconic beauty brand Lakmé hosted the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 Contest at the Mudiali Club. HUL was also one of the key sponsors.

Litter is a big problem, especially during the festive season. HUL Kolkata regional office employees decided to drive the Government of India’s ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ initiative and start their tradition of O-Soji. Sixty-three volunteers set out to clean the areas around Mudiali Club Pandal. The activity included sweeping streets and collecting garbage with a focus on sanitation and maintaining a hygienic environment. The dry waste collected, including plastic after the clean-up drive was handed over to the respective authority for safe disposal.

It was a delight to see employees fulfilling their roles as responsible corporate citizens and pledging for a neat, cleaner India.

people cleaning the streets
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