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Kamal Haasan and Domex collaborate to inspire change


Kamal Outdoor

During the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) movement, our country took a giant leap in the sanitation space with more than nine billion toilets being constructed. However, this great initiative is rendered useless if we don’t maintain the toilets to ensure that they are usable.

Well known actor Kamal Haasan has chosen to collaborate with brand Domex’s purpose-led campaign 'Why the Shame? Pick up the Brush!’

Toilet cleaning in our country is relegated as the task of a community or a gender, and not looked at as the responsibility of every individual in a household. The Domex ‘Pick Up the Brush’ campaign attempts to remove stigmas associated with toilet cleaning because we believe it is like any other household chore and everyone in the family should work towards keeping the toilet clean.

To further support this cause, last year Domex introduced India’s first low-cost toilet cleaning solution – Domex Toilet cleaning powder. A product innovation that is made in India, made for India, it has been designed keeping the Indian pit toilets in mind and consumes 50% lesser water than the products we often use to clean our toilets.

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