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Crafting ice-cream for the new India alpha


Kwality Wall's Slow Churn ice cream range

Kwality Wall’s has been serving treats and smiles to consumers for nearly 3 decades. And while the classic flavours are still adored across the portfolio, today’s ice cream lovers are keen to experiment.

A confluence of growing incomes, digitisation, and awareness has resulted in an emerging new India that is now looking for ‘more’ in the products they buy.

In the context of ice cream, the demand space for premium ice-creams is already on the rise with e-commerce, a key channel, having more than 60% of the share. It was imperative to leverage this opportunity and design a special product that would help us address the needs of this emerging consumer segment.

Thus, was born Slow Churn!

So, what is it that makes Slow Churn unique?

With Slow Churn, we have gone back to the original way of making ice-creams. This process involves spinning the ice cream mixture at a slower speed allowing for a smaller amount of air to be incorporated into the mixture giving it a rich creamy texture. The Slow Churn ice cream is churned 5X slower than regular ice cream! Also, fruits are slowly added and at a later stage at a reduced temperature to preserve the fruit's natural color, flavor, and texture. This gold standard process creates a denser, creamier texture in the final product than a regular ice cream.

What’s more, the Slow Churn range is made of 100% Fresh Cream Milk and Real Fruits, with the fruit content ranging from 16% to 26%. It also has no added preservatives, making it just the way the consumer wants it.

The new range of Ice Cream pints include unique fruit variants like Jamun, Mulberry, Chikoo, Pink Guava as well as India’s favourite fruits – Mango and Strawberry.

These are available exclusively on e-commerce platforms.

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