Get a virtual makeover with Keratinology Virtual Hair Studio

Cut, style, colour, straighten or treat with a click of the mouse at the first hair studio on Youtube.

Keratinology recently launched a virtual hair studio - a first-of-its-kind premium and customised salon experience on Youtube that merges the gap between real and virtual worlds. The interactive video allows users to customise their salon experience by feeding in details like their name, photo, hair length, hair colour and choosing a salon service.

The users get to see their freshly salon-treated hair in the mirror after the service and compare it with the image they uploaded. In addition, online hair experts also offer users advice on how to maintain the salon-treated look and share product recommendations. The initiative aims to help the brand connect with relevant audiences, effectively engage its consumers and persuade them to purchase products.

According to a Nielsen study, video content delivers high brand recall (65% vs. 46% for TV) and message recall. The Keratinology Hair Studio video can also be shared from the channel on Youtube through other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with the message “I just got a hair makeover at the Keratinology Hair Studio. Check it out.”

Social sharing has a multiplier effect and increases virality across social platforms. The video had more than 380,000 views within the first week of it going live and has received rave reviews on blogs for the high level of flexibility, customization and interaction it offers.

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