Huggies launches “Clinically Proven” diapering range in India

Huggies has launched “Clinically Proven” diapering range in India called Huggies Total Protection.

This range has a distinct proposition of offering a compelling skin-health benefit which goes beyond the generic benefit of “dryness”.

First-class skin care

A baby’s skin is very soft and tender, so it’s important that it receives the right kind of care. Just keeping the bottom dry is not good enough. For a healthy bottom, the skin has to be dry and fresh. Huggies Total Protection has a unique air-fresh cover that allows air to circulate inside the diaper and keep baby’s skin fresh.

Key features of the product

  • Blue Speed Dry Layer – pulls un wetness instantly and keeps baby’s skin dry
  • Cloth-Like Air Fresh Cover – allows air to flow in and out of the diaper and keep baby’s skin fresh 
  • Cushiony Soft Liner – feels soft and keeps baby comfortable. 
  • The diaper additionally provides cloth like softness, fragrance and cute Disney graphics that make the diaper very attractive to look at.

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