HUL is the No.1 Employer of Choice in India

HUL emerges as the No. 1 employer of choice for B-School students who will graduate in 2013.

The most critical factors that drive the choice of an employer claimed by the students are 'Degree of independence at work’, 'Compensation', and 'Good growth prospects'. HUL has been ranked significantly better than other companies on all the employment drivers. Also as per the survey, FMCG is the overwhelming favourite for not only the Marketing students, but the Class of 2013 rates Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) as their most preferred industry, 4th year in a row.

The Nielsen B-School Campus Track represents the views of a large sample of students of the Class that will graduate in 2013 from the top 35 Business Schools in India. This is the 13th year of the Nielsen Campus Track B-school study.

HUL’s powerful proposition

HUL believes that a strong and robust employer brand goes a long way in helping achieve the company’s business ambition. HUL’s strong employer value proposition is rooted in its unique positioning as a “Leadership Factory” which gives big jobs very early on in a person’s career, and rich cross functional exposure.

HUL is known to offer a rigorous Summer Internship Programme, which ensures that each intern is given an outstanding experience through real live projects that have a direct and huge impact on the business. In 2012, over 55% interns did projects at international locations in Unilever. HUL is also one of the first to announce Pre-Placement Offers (PPO) across campuses.

Grooming Talent, from the start

HUL's philosophy of building leaders within has enabled it to establish strong systems and processes that help to identify talent early, invest in them and build their skills. For example, the Unilever Future Leader’s Program (UFLP) provides an extensive cross functional experience including rural & international exposure, within 12-15 months to young managerial recruits and prepares them for greater responsibilities very early in their careers. Over the years, the UFLP has been a training ground for many inspiring leaders across and beyond Unilever. 

One of the most important factors is the line ownership for the processes and management time & commitment to developing talent. HUL encourages reverse evaluation where management trainees assess their coaches and tutors for the quality of inputs they get during their training period. The good tutors and coaches get recognised while those who don't rate well are given feedback and held accountable for grooming talent. The company also encourages reverse mentoring. Senior Management team members often have young managers mentoring them on a specific area such as digital media.

Driving performance culture

HUL’s performance management and reward processes are geared to building a “Performance and Execution” focused work culture. There are a number of tools and processes that drive transparency and rigour in assessing and developing people. For example, employees are plotted on the Leadership Differentiation Tool (LDT) which not only evaluates the 'What' of their performance but also the 'How' of their performance.

Mechanisms like 360 degree feedback provide feedback from superiors, peer groups and subordinates to provide holistic and objective evaluation of the employees. Assessment on their potential is communicated transparently to all employees individually and career paths are shared with them. 

The objective of the performance management and reward process is to inspire employees to deliver to their best potential every day by setting ambitious goals and stretching themselves to deliver them.

Rigorous focus on leadership development

In the list of 'Top Companies for Leaders 2011 Study Results' announced by Aon Hewitt, The RBL Group and Fortune recently, HUL was ranked sixth globally. The Global Top Companies for Leaders is the most comprehensive study of organisational leadership in the world. HUL is the only Indian company that has been ranked in the 'global top 10' consistently since the 'Top Companies for Leaders' global survey was first launched in 2007. HUL has improved its ranking in the 2011 study to sixth position globally compared to 2009 when it was ranked 10th globally.

HUL is well-known for its talent pool and as a source of leadership talent. Not only does HUL have formal processes for inculcating leadership, but it also provides a culture of coaching and mentoring at every level in the organisation. The approach of identifying and grooming top talent has established the company as a source of leadership talent, both for Unilever globally and the industry in general.

Over 200 managers of HUL currently serve Unilever globally, which is about 13% of the HUL managerial strength. The number of managers expatriated has been increasing steadily over the last few years. There are several senior HUL managers working in leadership roles across markets and functions for Unilever globally.

In September 2012, this culture of building leaders at HUL was extended to include young student leaders from Top B-Schools through a first of its kind intervention - Premier 30 League Tree. The Directors of the Top 30 B-schools of India were asked to nominate one student leader respectively.

The one and a half day workshop held at HUL’s Head office in Mumbai was aimed at honing students’ influencing skills, commitment, team dynamics, negotiation skills and crisis management capabilities through a series of activities. The student leaders also got a unique opportunity to meet the top 30 Unilever HR leaders from across the globe who provided them candid views on finding their own signature style as a leader and their very own purpose.

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