New Cleanipedia site help homes to shine

Unilever is helping households in India to banish stains, get surfaces sparkling and leave the home spotlessly clean following the roll-out of the Cleanipedia online platform.

Clean homes around the world

Within Cleanipedia consumers can find the best housekeeping and cleaning tips provided by a team of experts at Unilever, following years of experience from household favourites such as Comfort, Surf Excel, Rin, Active Wheel, Magic, Vim, Domex, Sunlight and Cif.

It features articles on a range of topics, from removing limescale to tackling stubborn mould on grout and tiles, and getting grease stains off clothing.

Cleanipedia tips

The user-friendly platform also has an internal search function for finding solutions to specific cleaning queries in seconds and individual topic areas covering cleaning tips and tricks for the most common household areas, including ‘Floor & Carpets’, ‘Furniture & Upholstery’ and ‘Materials & Surfaces’.

Rik Strubel, Domestos & Cleanipedia Global Brand Director, says: “With Cleanipedia we’ve been able to translate online 150 years of Unilever expertise in cleaning, providing best-in-class advice in response to our consumers’ specific needs around cleaning and housekeeping.”

To learn more about Cleanipedia and to get the best cleaning tips, visit 

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