HUL brands shine in Nielsen's Most Trusted Brands survey

Dove and Lifebuoy amongst the top five brands in India

Seventeen Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) brands featured in the 100 Most Trusted Brands list published by Brand Equity based on a survey conducted by Nielsen across India.

It is indeed a matter of distinction that HUL is the company with the largest number of brands featured in the 2015 Most Trusted Brands list.

Two of HUL’s purpose driven brands, Dove and Lifebuoy feature in the top five getting a big boost of confidence from consumers. A total of four HUL brands feature in the Top 10 and seven in the Top 20.

Summary of HUL brands rankings:

  • In 2015: 2 in top 5; 4 in Top 10; 7  in Top 20; 8  in Top 25; 17  in Top 100;
  • In 2014: No HUL brand in top 5; 3 in Top 10; 5 in Top 20; 8 in Top 25; 16 in Top 100

HUL Brands Rankings in Most Trusted Brands 2015:

Dove: 4; Lifebuoy: 5; Lux: 8; Surf Excel: 10; Vim: 13; Pond’s: 14; Fair & Lovely*: 17; Closeup: 23; Pepsodent: 29; Sunsilk: 30; Rin: 34; Clinic Plus: 36; Vaseline: 55; Pears: 60; Taj Mahal Tea: 78; Hamam: 86; Wheel: 93

Category Positions

  • Vim is No.1 in Household care
  • Dove is No.2 in Personal care followed by Lifebuoy, Lux, Pond’s, Fair & Lovely*
  • Water Purifiers – Pureit is No.2 (Pureit was No.1 last year)

Other highlights

  • Dove is No.1 Most Trusted Brand in South
  • Dove No.2 among Men and Lifebuoy No.3 among Men
  • Fair & Lovely* No.2 among Women and No.1 among housewife category
  • Clinic Plus No.3 and Dove No.4 among Housewife category
  • Dove No.1 among 15-25 years  (excluding chief wage earners and housewife)
  • Vim No.3 and Lux No.4 among 26-60 years (excluding chief wage earners and housewife)

Brand disclaimer:
*References to Fair & Lovely in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020.

Foundation disclaimer:
* References to the Fair & Lovely Foundation in this article pre-dates the brand’s name change to Glow & Lovely in 2020. The Foundation’s new name is ‘Glow & Lovely Careers’.

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