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In our endeavour to make sustainable living commonplace, this year Project Sunlight is giving voice to the new leaders of tomorrow. As part of this campaign, we will be showcasing and celebrating the vision of children, the leaders of tomorrow, for a #brightfuture.

Research has shown that 9/10 parents are inspired to make the world a better place because of the optimism and enthusiasm of children. That’s why we’re following the new leaders and we invite you to follow too by visiting or on Facebook and Twitter using #brightfuture.

The new leaders featured on Project Sunlight website have very compelling views on making sustainable living commonplace for everyone and have shared their ideas to tackle issues like sanitation, hygiene, clean water etc. Not only you can follow the leaders but you can choose to get involved and make a difference to the world we live in. 

Remember, your support is critical to improve the health and hygiene situation of our country as these challenges are much bigger than we think. India has the highest number of child deaths from diarrhoea and pneumonia globally – with 609,000 children dying each year before their 5th birthday from these diseases. Around 97 million Indians do not have access to an improved source of drinking water. And approximately 792 million Indians live without improved sanitation, of which, some 597 million people continue to defecate in the open.

Inviting essays of young leaders

Project Sunlight is inviting essays from children all over India on topics related to health, hygiene and sanitation. The age group that we are looking at is between 8-15 years of age. The top 10 essays will be featured in HT print edition. We want the kids to write down their views on health and sanitation and how would they want to change it. The essays can be emailed to at the latest by February 20, 2015.

HUL Initiatives

HUL along with its NGO partners is helping over 115 million people in India through its health and sanitation programmes. You can make this impact bigger and better by getting involved in our projects mentioned below: Clean hands: Our Lifebuoy Handwashing Programme encourages mothers and children to sustain a healthy handwashing habit. This programme has reached 58 million people since 2010. And, our “Help a Child Reach 5” programme in Thesgora village, Madhya Pradesh, has significantly reduced cases of diarrhoea from 36% to 5%.

Clean water: Around 822 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water. Our Pureit innovation makes safe drinking water accessible and affordable for millions. Nearly 57.5 million lives were protected by Pureit globally by the end of 2013.

Clean toilets: We recognize that merely building toilets is not enough to enable people to adopt better sanitation practices, changing people’s behaviour is crucial. Domex Toilet Academy, in partnership with eKutir, has developed an entrepreneurial model where we not only build toilets which are accessible and affordable but also educate people about the importance of using them.

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