Introducing the Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House

Taj Tea House

99% of Indians drink tea, and tea is as universal as water consumption, from teenagers to senior citizens. Yet a little over 50% of India’s teas are drank out of home, mostly in tea stalls, as compared to cafe made coffees which is as high as 85%.

The idea was to create a physical space that brings alive the magic and mystique of tea for Indians. Which would make tea desirable outside their homes too. And what brand but Taj Mahal alone could lead the creation of such a destination.

The Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea House is ensconced in a quaint, beautifully lane in Bandra. The bungalow retains the old world look and has a meandering feel and is essentially a wind-me-down place. The language of tea is intrinsically woven into the space in various rooms, and allows for browsing through interesting constituents and takes one back in time. Each room has a different expression and the arrangements are home style.

Key pillars of the tea house

There are essentially 3 key pillars that went into the conception of the Taj Mahal Tea House:

Pillar one: the finest set of teas:

Taj Mahal tea has always stood for excellence and rigour in crafting some of the best tea blends in the Indian packaged tea segment. The major focus of the menu is quintessentially Indian teas put together with an interesting juxtaposition of spices and natural ingredients from all over the country.

You will find a Kashmiri Saffron tea sitting comfortably with a Royal Jaipuri tea, a Malabari tea, a Parsi Mint tea and even a Bold Spices tea – all of which have been created with the help of authentic tea recipes, At the same time for the discerning connoisseur, we have the exquisite teas like the Darjeeling 2nd flush, Jasmine Pearls tea and even the inimitable smoked tea.

There is also a retail section where people can pick up some of these specially handcrafted teas.

The Taj Mahal tea house borrows these core values and delivers an experience of enjoying a cup of tea at home with a book, by the window.

Pillar two: tea & food pairings:

The food menu has been created by Gregory Bazire, a French Chef based in India and it has been designed to complement the teas. The Taj Mahal Tea House has an all-day tea-pairing menu with an appealing melange of flavours, right from Breakfast to High tea. It has savouries that are most loved with tea – the Parsi Brun Maska with homemade jam, the Arabic falafel chaat and a delicious breakfast menu that most Indians would love with their cup of tea in the morning.

There are also warm muffins and biscuits baked at the Tea House that go perfectly with the evening cuppa of tea.

Pillar three: Indian Classical Music:

Given the rich heritage and values of the Taj Mahal Tea brand and its association with classical music, the ambient music at the Tea House will be purely classical. Care has been taken in designing an acoustic experience that allows one to really enjoy the teas. It is also been envisioned as a place where budding musicians could be given a platform to showcase their talent.

As times evolve and tastes change, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Tea has stayed at the forefront of innovation in the Indian tea industry. Each innovation – whether it be the introduction of tea bags or vacuum sealed-packs – has been aimed at bringing our customers the greatest delight when lifting a cup of Taj Mahal Tea to their lips. The Taj Mahal Tea House is one more step in creating a physical space that would make Indians fall in tea again.

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