Kan Khajura Tesan wins Creative Effectiveness Award at Cannes

Yet another Cannes win for Kan Khajura Tesan (KKT).

HUL’s innovative and successful mobile radio channel Kan Khajura Tesan (KKT).was once again recognised at the Cannes Lions. After last year’s Gold hat-trick at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, this year we have continued with our winning streak with a bronze in the 2015 Cannes Lions Creative Effectiveness Category.

A significant section of our consumers are from regions that are termed as ‘media dark’. To reach these consumers effectively, the Kan Khajura Tesan was born – an on-demand, entertainment channel that works on any mobile.

To access the content the consumer is required to give a “Missed call” on 1800-30-000-123. The consumer is then called back where they get to hear entertaining content, which includes an RJ speak, jokes, and Bollywood songs amongst others. Hence, giving the entertainment hungry audience exactly what they want.

Till date we have had 900 million minutes of engagement with our consumers. Our advertisements have been heard 450 million times in the last 15 months.

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