The birth of Kissanpur

The birth of Kissanpur

Welcome to Kissanpur

Kissan is more than just jams, ketchups and squashes. It’s all about kids eating happily & growing up happily. Kissan’s tasty and natural goodness keeps both, mothers & kids happy. The brand’s reassurance to mothers is that they can make tiffin times fun yet wholesome with the Kissan range of products that are made with 100% natural ingredients!

However, for the last few years, Kissan faced a unique challenge of setting itself apart from the plethora of local players and making consumers believe in its natural goodness. In a quest for a proposition, Kissan decided to substantiate the natural credentials; for, to consumers, ‘natural’ was just a gimmick and the credibility of such claims was questionable. Kissan carried out extensive consumer studies to find a compelling insight that it could use to build a connect and credibility with consumers.

This insight eventually led to the start of the now famous ‘Kissanpur’ journey that began in 2012. It all began with a ‘cute response’ in one of the first consumer connects that amazed the team at Kissan. Subsequent consumer interactions kept throwing up similar replies from children. When asked, ‘Where do tomatoes come from?’ children came up with a variety of innocent responses like they grow on trees or they grow under the ground, with a few kids even believing that they were manufactured in shopping malls!

These responses which showed that kids in India were quite distanced from nature gave Kissan its big idea. The idea was that if it gave its consumers a chance to experience nature and fall in love with it, they would always come back to Kissan. With this was born the ‘Kissanpur’ campaign asking kids to turn into farmers and get their hands dirty to grow tomatoes - tomatoes as red and juicy as the ones used for making Kissan ketchup!

Kissanpur not only helped mothers and kids engage together in ‘real experiences’ by transforming the way they lived their lives for three to four months, but also firmly imprinted itself in the hearts of mothers and kids in India.

In its 4th year, Kissanpur campaign metamorphosed into an emotional connect with consumers with Kissan standing for ‘real joy of togetherness’. The idea was inspired by a thank-you letter from a father who said that the experience of planting tomato seeds given by Kissan had created a special bond with his son that never existed. The idea came to life through a film of a little boy and his family and how they bonded, which touched a chord with millions without saying a word!

To bring this alive with its consumers and for them to experience the joy of growing a tomato plant, Kissan converts its bottle cap in the shape of a half tomato that not only carries seed for families to kick start the journey but also serviced as a pot to grow the tomato plant.

Kissanpur this year

This year, it’s all about planning the seed of real friendships. Kissan is reaching out to neighbourhoods, the extended families, with the same message of cherishing moments of togetherness. Watch the new film at OR

Kissanpur spreads love and gains!

Today, of the three food categories it operates in, Kissan is the market leader in both jams and ketchup with over 60 per cent share and over 25 per cent share respectively. What’s more gratifying is that Kissan is seen as a happy brand and a champion of happy growth.

The Kissanpur campaign has won over 35 awards in India and across the globe and is considered as a repeatable model to build brand love. Kissan was the only Indian brand to win the Grand Prix at Spike Asia & the first Indian brand to win Silver at America’s prestigious Jay Chiat Awards. It has been recognized at Effies every year since 2011 for effective and great marketing.

Kissan encourages you to make most of ‘real’ experiences

Towards planning a better tomorrow, at times we miss out on the spontaneity of today. We are today living in our own world of gadgets and charms of social media and many a time don’t have ‘real’ experiences.

Kissan aims to provide food moments that help you savor and enjoy today because today never comes back tomorrow! Kissan’s taste and goodness looks to transform every food experience into spontaneous moments of joy!

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