Surf Excel partners mothers to build values in kids

Surf excel is India’s most loved laundry brand and has been built on over a decade of consistent advertising on "Dirt is Good".

The philosophy is that if kids get dirty in the act of doing good, then dirt is good. The same has been used extensively to propagate value building in children. These values could range from sacrifice, forgiveness, righteousness to something as sweet and simple as expressing love for one's grandparents.

This beautiful emotional space has helped the brand become India's largest premium laundry brand and amongst the fastest growing laundry brands in India. The #ReadyForLife campaign is a natural progression of taking this concept to the next level by starting a dialogue and building engagement with mothers on this important parenting topic of 'building values'.

Over the last year, the brand met many mothers who shared the parenting challenges that they faced. An overwhelming majority of them spoke about empathy and how 'privileged lifestyles' are 'distancing' kids from reality. This is a parenting dilemma because parents want only the best for their kids and provide that but kids on the other hand tend to take things for granted and don’t value what they have.

This sense of entitlement combined with the growing realities on modern urban life of nuclear families and single kid households lead to kids not learning how to share. Sharing was the one habit that mothers said that they found most difficult to inculcate in their kids.

The #ReadyForLife campaign marks the next stage of Surf Excel's brand journey where the brand philosophy transcends seamlessly to the real world in the form of a platform that will enable the brand to engage with mothers. Over the years, Surf excel wishes to inspire and partner mothers in their journey to get kids Ready for Life.

Inculcating values for children

The #ReadyForLife journey kick started with a thought provoking panel discussion, which was aimed to bring forth diverse perspectives from experts about building values in kids.

The key takeaways from the discussion were as follows:

  • Values are a critical life skill and value orientation is as important if not more important than achievement orientation
  • Parents should focus on inculcating the right values and success will automatically become a byproduct of this process
  • Values instilled in children at a young age will help them get ready for life – it is important for parents to set the example as kids are likely to follow and practice what they see from their parents
  • With a growing trend of nuclear families and single kids, sharing is a critical value that mothers struggle to build with their kids

The #ReadyForLife journey:

With this campaign, Surf Excel will help mothers encourage their kids to share through inspiring them with our communication and then giving them the option to kick start the process by signing up and registering for a set of events that they can take their kids to during the summer break.

This eco system of sharing consists of the brand’s partners – Smile foundation and Helpage India which will enable kids to share celebrations, sports kits, old favorites like toys, books and clothes and something as diverse as time with elders. Through this Surf Excel aims at inspiring kids to share more and invoke empathy which they will carry through life.

Speaking on the campaign, Priya Nair, Executive Director, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, "The #ReadyForLife campaign is an extension of the brand philosophy of kids getting dirty for a purpose which is to build values. The idea stemmed from meeting consumers who expressed that sharing was a habit that they struggled to inculcate in their kids.

Through this campaign, we aim to start the right parenting conversations about value building and also provide parents a supportive ecosystem to enable this. This is only the first step of a multi-year journey through which we will engage with millions of parents in this space of building values in kids. We hope that this engagement will evoke a sense of empathy in the kids who participate which will be a step to them becoming ready for life."

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