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Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Lipton Green tea: Home to home consumer education

The incidence of lifestyle diseases in India are increasing at an alarming rate. This is a public health concern, but the common man is alerted only when disease strikes him or his loved ones. Thankfully, awareness of health is increasing and consumers are receptive to education in the area of health and wellness.

HUL as a progressive organisation, along with the brand Lipton took up the responsibility to create awareness about healthy food & lifestyle habits, where it can make a difference. It was observed that in current times where lifestyles have changed, it is increasingly necessary to educate consumers about the impact of body fat on health, and also drive home the message that being thin or having a healthy BMI does not necessarily mean that the person has a healthy body.

Lipton Green Tea  ‘The Facts of Fat’ campaign

This home-to-home activity is being carried out in 11 cities across India. Our ambassadors measure the body fat percentage of consumers with Bio-electrical impedance instrument followed by diet and lifestyle messages. The aim is to reach four million consumers and educate them on the beneficial effects of a balanced diet, active lifestyle and consumption of green tea.

Building this awareness is of prime importance in regions where the incidence of lifestyle diseases is on the rise. This is in line with the WHO action plans to reduce incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases by improving physical activity or reducing a sedentary lifestyle.

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