Rin bar saves two buckets of water in every wash

New Rin detergent bar with patented ‘smart-foam’ technology saves up to two buckets of water in every washing cycle

New Rin water saving detergent bar

Hindustan Unilever Limited has relaunched Rin detergent bar which will help consumers save up to two buckets of water in every wash cycle. The product which has been launched across eight states in India uses ‘Smart Foam Technology’ which does not allow the foam to stick to clothes. This results in less usage of water while rinsing thus saving water.

Smart-foam technology

Rinsing of clothes consumes 70% of the water in laundry as consumers keep rinsing until there is no visible foam on clothes. Rin’s “smart-foam” patented technology cuts the foam after cleaning during the rinse stage. This reduces the number of rinses, and helps the consumers to save water, time and effort. In addition to this, the new technology has improved the core properties of the brand – brightness and superior cleaning.

Aligned to Unilever Sustainable Living Plan

Analysis by Unilever shows that around 38% of Unilever’s water footprint comes from the laundry process – a significant proportion of this is washing laundry by hand in the developing world. Unilever has set a target to halve the water associated with the consumer use of its products by 2020. Rin’s anti-foam bar is a step towards that mission.

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