Surf excel launches #HaarKoHarao

Encourages embracing failure with resilience

Almost everything children know about failure is imbibed from adults. This Children’s Day, Surf excel came up with a new brand campaign called ‘HaarKoHarao’ which encouraged people to look at failure as a learning experience.

As part of the campaign, the brand released a film which shows a social experiment called the ‘The Falling Test.’ The experiment was conducted with two groups of people, one being a group of adults and the other a group of children. Both the groups were asked to walk separately on a 20 feet long wooden log.

About 84% of the adults and 92% of the kids fell off the log. But, the difference showed up in the way both the groups responded to the fall. The adults were scared to try again while the kids demonstrated resilience and kept trying till they succeeded. Children even helped each other and eventually, all of them completed the task.

Now, the important question to ask ourselves is, Who taught our kids to fear failure? Be it studies or sports, we always emphasize the importance of winning and being successful. We hardly look at failure as a learning experience or even acknowledge what kids have learned along the way. And, in doing so, our fear of failure is unknowingly passed on to them.

Surf excel believes that kids are born fearless. They fall, pick themselves and try again. It’s time we changed our perspective about failure and talk about learning from it instead. After all, if we don't fail, how will we ever learn?

Watch the #HaarKoHarao social experiment

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