Domex breaks a stereotype on World Toilet Day 2018

Pick Up The Brush

Toilet cleaning is plagued by many cultural stereotypes in India. For one, toilets have been associated with pollution and unclean places. This association with pollution dissuades many from cleaning toilets and hence from using clean toilets. This is the reason why of the one billion global people who defecate in the open, 60% of them are in India (UNICEF report 2014).

Such stereotypes have persisted in our society and seeped into our homes, where it is assumed that women are solely responsible for cleaning toilets. As a purpose-driven brand - Domex has always believed it is important to let go of such biases. There is a need to work together to remove the stigma associated with cleaning toilets, ensure an increase in toilet usage & the standard of sanitation across India.

This World Toilet Day, Domex took a small step towards changing this mindset, through the #PickUpTheBrush campaign. It released a heart-warming video that showcased breaking the stereotype that it’s only a woman’s chore to clean toilets. It is our collective responsibility to keep our toilets clean and do so without attaching any shame.

Fortunately, the sanitation story in India is also evolving. The last three years have witnessed an increase in sanitation coverage under the Government of India's flagship program “Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.”

Watch the PickUpTheBrush video, share it and spread the good message!

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