Steps involved in onboarding an HUL distributor

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  1. Hindustan Unilever Limited, does not have an online process of appointing any Distributor or Supplier.
  2. All appointments are done after a detailed background check, face to face meetings with Company representatives and execution of legal agreements.
  3. Depending on the Company’s requirement to supply products in a particular region or geography, the Company representatives i.e. Area Sales Manager will search for prospective distributors. This can happen via Newspaper advertisements OR face to face interactions.
  4. As a next step, Company representatives meet the Distributor, visit his store, have multiple rounds of meetings on field.
  5. After this, a detailed verification process by the finance and legal team of the concerned HUL regional office is done.
  6. Next, the Distributor enters into legal agreement with the Company and distributorship is finalised.
    Please note, the company does not require any fees, advance payment, royalty or refundable charges to be paid either online or through any cash transaction.
  7. All communication to the distributor is done via an official Unilever email ID.
  8. Any doubts unresolved/ complaints/ feedback, can be shared via the HUL helpline number - +91 18001022221.
  9. Once the verification and all steps listed above are completed, the Distributor receives a unique 6 digit code. This is assisted and followed up by Company manager, at each and every step. Once this code is created, IT infrastructure is set up at the Distributor point by the IT team of Company and the Supply chain linking is done.
  10. This information is being made available to general public to create awareness about the Company’s process and Policies. It has come to our attention that some third parties by email / phone / websites are offering fake distributorships and collecting advance payments in this regard.
  11. Hindustan Unilever Limited does not demand any fees, advance payments, royalty or deposits in exchange of an HUL distributorship. The members of the public in general are also advised to not be attracted or lured by any such false communication which solicit payments and promise HUL products or distributorship.

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