Lamplighter programme – Bettering lives beyond work

A core part of our well-being framework, the Lamplighter Programme provides guidance on managing long-term health conditions, such as diabetes, HIV, or musculoskeletal concerns.

As part of the initiative, there have been several programmes for habit change using latest technology, that has helped us measure the direct impact (steps taken, calorie intake, water intake, etc) and indirect impact (BMI/BP/Sugar, etc). Employees are assigned colour codes based on their health check-up where green signifies good health, amber denotes the need for the improvement, and red alarms the need for tracking major health improvement.

Furthermore, we also engaged with employees to seek mental health support and educated them about the benefits of good mental health. Our ‘ReachOut’ helpline includes tele-counselling and face-to-face counselling (in required cases) and is available for our employees as well as their families. Grief counselling and support is also provided as needed.

Additionally, India was the first Unilever country to go live and launch the Line Manager Mental Health - ‘Equip to Thrive’ module for addressing workplace stress. This was supported by engaging events and expert talks across our factories and offices with topics like #maketimetotalk. We also ran a workplace stress survey and celebrated International Yoga Day 2019 across locations.


Our ‘Equip to Thrive’ wellbeing activations have touched over 13,000 employees with a key message of embracing #Selfcare. In 2019, we significantly reduced the number of employees in red zone from 5.7% to 5.5%, with 84% participation.

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